5 Essentials for Growing Healthy Houseplants

  • Growing Healthy Houseplants


The first requirement of all plants during their growing season is an abundance of daylight. Light from a window is always one-sided and the plants respond by turning their leaves and flowers toward the light. Turn the plants occasionally or they’ll grow lopsided.


The second requirement for all house plants is moisture. Water when the soil in any pot or pan has dried out so that it crumbles at the touch. Be sure that all the soil, not just the top layer is thoroughly soaked.


The air in which plants grow must contain enough moisture or they dry up. Inside air is much drier than outdoor air, especially in the winter. A favorable humidity can be obtained by resting pots on shallow saucers or pans filled with moist coarse gravel. Do not ever let the pots sit in standing water.

Soil Drainage

When you are potting your plants, place a piece of broken flower pot, coarse gravel, small stones or better yet, Better than Rocks Container Garden Filler in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to pass freely from the pot.


The cooler places in the house are generally the best suited for most plants. They appreciate an even temperature, not over 70 degrees. in the daytime and from 50 to 55o at night. There are a few exceptions. Tropical plants will die if temperature is too low.

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