Succulent 2"

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Assorted varieties – specific types and selections vary by store location 

Succulents are a large classification for those thick leaved plants that are very forgiving to low care. They need little water yet like to soak up bright light. Enjoy selecting from many shapes, colors, and textures. 

Size: 2 to 2.5” containers 

Additional Information:

Care:  Very easy and not demanding 

Light:  Bright light is needed, place near any windows with ample natural light and often south or west facing 

Feeding:  Feed once a month with a well-balanced liquid plant food diluted at ½ strength, do not feed in the winter months

Water:  Typically, once a month. Water until it comes out the drainage holes. Never let it sit in water and be soggy. If your succulent leaves starts to look wrinkled, or the leaf feels spongy and not firm, it needs water again. 

Temperature:  Ideal 65 to 90 degrees F, never below 55 degrees F

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