Attract Birds This Winter With Open Water

  • bird On Icy Branch

Ask any experienced birdwatcher and they’ll tell you the secret to attracting birds in the winter is providing open water.

But wait, it’s winter, in the Midwest, how can you provide open water?

The answer is easy when using our bird bath and multi-use de-icer. Use in bird baths, buckets of all sizes, small animal waterers, 15 gallon stock tanks and more.  It is made from cast aluminum construction for long-term efficiency and performance. It has a non-stick coating to reduce corrosion and eliminate lime buildup, and is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary (costing only pennies to operate). This de-icer is designed for multiple uses around the home and farm and is safe for use in plastic. The submersible design with an impressive 5.5 foot long power cord has a 3-year warranty.

Available in-stores or online.

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