Orioles: How to Attract

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In the Midwest the Baltimore Orioles…the bird, not the baseball team…have seen a decline over the past few years.  Good news!  This year, according to reports, Orioles are on the rise.  And bird lovers everywhere are fluttering with excitement to see these beautiful creatures and hear their whistling song.

You too can get in on the fun and attract these birds to your yard.

Simple Steps To Attract Baltimore Orioles:

  1. ORANGE.  Orioles love this color!  Orange colored feeders are the best…Earl May has several options to choose from. Try one that is designed to hold sliced oranges, which they also happen to enjoy.
  2. NECTAR.  Birdberry jelly or even grape jelly are favorites of the Oriole.  Put out fresh nectar every few days.
  3. PLACEMENT.  Place your feeder out in the open so it can be seen by the birds.  Use a feeder hook if an open branch is not available.
  4. WATER.  All birds need water for drinking and for keeping their feathers clean-this aides in insulation.  Orioles are attracted to the sight and sound of moving water.  A birdbath with fresh water, and a water wiggler are a must.

The Baltimore Oriole is a migratory bird so don’t give up if you are unsuccessful on your first try.  Keep at it! It may take some time for the birds to find your yard.

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