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What can I put down to keep the rabbits from eating my plants?

June from Cedar Rapids, IA Thanks for your question about rabbits eating your plants. Rabbits can do quite a bit of damage to landscape and vegetable gardens.  Animal repellents are a great way to trick the rabbits into leaving your plants alone. Here are a few animal repellent products that are designed to repel rabbits: [...]

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My flowering crabapple trees had scab last summer. What should I do this spring to prevent it?

Bryan from Polk City, IA Thanks for your question about scab on your crabapple trees. Crabapple scab is most prevalent when spring weather is mild and wet.  Crabapple scab is a disease caused by a fungus in which olive brown velvety spots 1/4 inch or more in diameter, appear on leaves, twigs and young fruit.  [...]

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When should I move my rose bush?

Melody from St. Joseph, MO Thanks for your question on when and how is the best time to dig up and replant a rosebush? Early spring or late fall would be the best time to transplant your rose bush. Follow these steps: Dig as much of the root ball out as you can.  Do this [...]

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How do I get rid of a patch of mushrooms on my lawn?

Shirley from Manning, IA Thanks for your question about getting rid of mushrooms in your yard. The mushrooms in your lawn are coming from decaying organic matter like wood from old roots, stumps, or other wood items.  There is no solution to the problem other than to rake or mow them off the lawn.  When [...]

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What is the proper spacing for potatoes?

Russell from Orange City, IA Thanks for your question on potato spacing. Prepare your potatoes for planting by quartering the whole potato, making sure that each chunk has at least one or more eyes and weighs about two ounces. For very early planting, cut and allow the chunks to heal over, before putting into the [...]

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When should I cut down my ornamental grass?

Roxie from Jewell, IA Thanks for your question about cutting back your ornamental grass. Ornamental grasses are usually left standing all winter because they add interest and beauty to our landscape. In late winter or early spring, before the grass starts growing, cut-back your grasses to 4 - 6 inches above the ground. Stop by [...]

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What can I do about clover in my lawn?

Jack from Ottumwa, IA Thanks for your question on getting rid of clover in your lawn. Clover can become a real problem in the lawn if left unchecked.  Unfortunately, clover has to be controlled after it shows up in the lawn and is actively growing.  Earl May Garden Centers carry granular and liquid broadleaf weed [...]

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What’s causing bumps all over my lawn?

Betty from ? Thanks for your question on bumps in your lawn. A bumpy, rough and uneven lawn is difficult to walk on, and hard to mow. There are several factors that are responsible for bumpy lawns: Your lawn may be a little thin which makes the bumps more noticeable.  In a thick, dense lawn, [...]

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When is the best time to move Rhubarb plants?

Denise from Johnston, IA. Thanks for your question about moving rhubarb. Rhubarb is most successfully transplanted early in the spring before any growth has started.  The plants can also be transplanted at other times but it will be more difficult.  The next best time is in the early fall, followed by summer being the most [...]

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Does Earl May sell plants treated with neonics?

Sonja H, from Keosauqua, IA Thanks for your question on the use of neonics. Neonics (neonicotinoid insecticides) are systemic insecticides capable of killing various insects.  Recent concerns have been raised over the possible link between neonic treated seeds and plants, and the decline in the pollinator population including honey bees and butterflies. We want you [...]

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