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How to avoid or control tomato blight.

Ken R from Ankeny, Iowa Thanks for your question about controlling tomato blight. To most consumers, tomato blight refers to a number of specific diseases that can attack tomato plants. These diseases are usually soil-borne, meaning they survive as spores in the soil and then make their way to the leaves of the plant during [...]

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I would like to start an asparagus patch.

Michael from Ames, Iowa. Thanks for your question about growing asparagus. Asparagus is available in several forms at your local Earl May Garden Center: Two varieties of asparagus seed packets - Jersey Knight & Mary Washington. One variety of asparagus roots - Jersey King.  Each package contains seven roots.  Generally, these are available at the [...]

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Bagworms on my blue spruce.

Russ from Thurman, Iowa. Thanks for your question about getting rid of the bagworms on your blue spruce. Bagworm caterpillars live their entire life inside their protective case (bag) and can become a serious problem for your evergreen if left uncontrolled. You can control bagworms in basically two ways: If the entire evergreen is reachable [...]

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How to get rid of spider mites on my house plant?

Julie from Remsen, IA Thanks for your question on getting rid of spider mites on your house plant.  Winter is the time of year when folks start to notice spider mite damage on indoor house plants.  In the winter, our indoor air is dryer and our plants aren't as actively growing as they would be [...]

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How do I kill the roots of large bushes I just cut down?

Stephanie from Altoona, Iowa, Thanks for your question.  Luckily, there is a great product for killing roots and sprouts of trees, bushes and vines, it's called Stump-Out Stump & Vine Killer.  This product provides control of undesirable woody vines, plants, and broadleaf weeds around the home.  You simply brush the liquid on a fresh cut [...]

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How do I care for my newly planted buckthorn, lilac and ornamental grass?

Tyler from Ankeny, Iowa, Thanks for your question.  Caring for your new plants is especially important the first year.  Since your plants were placed in the ground in September, you will want to follow these steps to ensure their future: Water - Check your plants water needs a couple times a week.  We recommend that [...]

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My peony bush leaves are white, what’s wrong with them?

Michelle from West Des Moines, Iowa, Thanks for your question.  This time of year some peony bushes get infected by a fungus commonly called powdery mildew.  The disease will not normally kill your peony bush in one season, but could if left uncontrolled for several years.  Powdery mildew is more prevalent in shady areas and when plants are closely [...]

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When do you cut off dead leaves of hosta plants?

Margaret from Winterset, Iowa, Thanks for the question.  Dead hosta leaves can be unsightly and sometimes unhealthy for the plants.  Trim off dead hosta leaves any time during the growing season and discard them in the yard waste just in case there was some disease present. To keep your hosta plants looking their best, we [...]

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How can I stimulate my flowers for healthier plants and the most blossoms?

Bob J. from Omaha, NE. Thanks for the great question.  Everyone wants to have the best flowers on the block.  Here are several options to help you succeed: Flower plants like a nice loamy soil that's not too compact.  If you have hard or compact soil, you may want to mix in some of our Organic Planting [...]

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How can I get grass to grow under my maple tree?

Chris L. from Des Moines, Iowa, Thanks for the question. You have a very common problem! Keep in mind what grass needs to grow: Sun, water and nutrients. The dense tree canopy, coupled with the extensive root system, combines to limit all three of these things in your lawn. In order to compensate, you need to have the best [...]

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