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Does my gardenia plant have mealybugs?

Betty from Shawnee. Thanks for your houseplant question. It looks like your gardenia has a few mealybugs on it.  Mealybugs are insects that feed on the plant sap and if left uncontrolled, can slowly kill the host plant. We recommend controlling mealybugs with one of these houseplant products: Earl May Earth Rx Houseplant & Insect [...]

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How do I trim my lilac-on-a-standard?

Susan from Evansdale, IA. Thanks for your question on pruning your lilac-on-a-standard. The care of a "lilac-on-a-standard" is the same as any lilac shrub. Conserve soil moisture by applying a 2 - 3 inch layer of shredded bark mulch around the base of the plant.  Keep the mulch a finger width distance from the trunk [...]

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Why didn’t my pole beans produce this year?

Kerin from West Des Moines, IA. Thanks for your question about your Blue Lake Pole Beans producing large vines but no beans this season. There are several reasons why a bean might not be producing: Beans need 8 - 10 hours of full sunlight. Beans planted too close together will have lower production. Large swings [...]

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Are Your Garden Center vegetable plants non-gmo?

Deanne from Iowa. Thanks for you question about whether our Garden Center vegetables are non-gmo (genetically modified organism). All Earl May Garden Center vegetable PLANTS & SEEDS are NON-GMO! Grow Your Own Way, Gordon

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How to apply weed killer safely around children and pets?

John from Prairie City, IA Thanks for your question about applying weed killer lawn products around your children and pets. When using lawn care products around children and pets a little caution is good. If I was going to us a Granular Weed & Feed like Earl May Superfine which would be a good product [...]

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How do I control the height of my upright arborvitae?

Larry from Central Iowa. Thanks for your question about controlling the height of your upright arborvitae. Arborvitae grow from the outside green tips and as they grow the inner parts (close to the trunk) of the branches lose their green needles.  The best way to keep an arborvitae at a desired height is to do [...]

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What can I put down to keep the rabbits from eating my plants?

June from Cedar Rapids, IA Thanks for your question about rabbits eating your plants. Rabbits can do quite a bit of damage to landscape and vegetable gardens.  Animal repellents are a great way to trick the rabbits into leaving your plants alone. Here are a few animal repellent products that are designed to repel rabbits: [...]

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My flowering crabapple trees had scab last summer. What should I do this spring to prevent it?

Bryan from Polk City, IA Thanks for your question about scab on your crabapple trees. Crabapple scab is most prevalent when spring weather is mild and wet.  Crabapple scab is a disease caused by a fungus in which olive brown velvety spots 1/4 inch or more in diameter, appear on leaves, twigs and young fruit.  [...]

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When should I move my rose bush?

Melody from St. Joseph, MO Thanks for your question on when and how is the best time to dig up and replant a rosebush? Early spring or late fall would be the best time to transplant your rose bush. Follow these steps: Dig as much of the root ball out as you can.  Do this [...]

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How do I get rid of a patch of mushrooms on my lawn?

Shirley from Manning, IA Thanks for your question about getting rid of mushrooms in your yard. The mushrooms in your lawn are coming from decaying organic matter like wood from old roots, stumps, or other wood items.  There is no solution to the problem other than to rake or mow them off the lawn.  When [...]

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