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Fall Decorating Made Easy!

Do you love the look of fall - deep reds and greens contrasting with vibrant yellows and oranges?  These looks are easy to get and add warmth to your home as the temperatures begin to cool. Mums A fall favorite with fabulous colors will perk up the any patio containers. Buckets and boxes make great [...]

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Want a Healthier lawn? Feed it in the Fall!

Ask any Turf specialist and they will tell you that Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Why? Because after a long stressful summer your lawn needs a recharge so it can fill back in and get set for the winter ahead. By fertilizing in the fall, you are also improving the health [...]

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Why Fall Planting Is Best!

In our Midwest climate, mid-August to mid-October is an ideal time to plant a variety of plants. We love this time of year as the weather cools above ground while the soil is still warm below ground. This is especially important to promote good roots for a hardier plant next spring. Trees - (deciduous, evergreen, [...]

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Expert advice for controlling bagworms

Sound advice from our Earl May Experts on controlling bagworms: Hand-picking is the best way to control light infestations on small plants during the dormant season. Destroy bags by burning or by crushing. If bags containing larvae are discarded on the ground, the larvae may return to the host plants. Plan to apply insecticides to [...]

Why is my Tree turning Yellow?

You may be wondering why some of the trees in your landscape turn a yellowish- green color in the summer months. The most common cause for this in the Midwest is a lack of micronutrients ( or  mineral elements )that are essential for the growth of plants, but only needed in very small quantities. Micronutrients [...]


Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles is Easy!

Have you been offering orange halves, grape jelly, and colored nectar for orioles and hummingbirds? If so, you know the joy of having these fascinating colorful birds in your backyard or patio. If not, don’t miss another day. Here’s some quick tips from the experts on how you can start attracting these colorful birds today. [...]

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