No Digging Required for these Berries!

  • Raspberries in container - berries

Not your Grandma’s berries!

Don’t get me wrong. We all love the fresh berries from Grandma’s house. The ones she cultivated and covered, picked and pruned. However, these new varieties from Bushel and Berry are far from what your Grandma had! No more hiding berries at the back of your property, out of the way. These berries are meant to be front and center! Or better yet, patio ready to decorate and delight with delicious fruits all season!

Baby CakesTM Dwarf

This thornless blackberry is patio perfect! Don’t let the small size fool you. It is big on taste, berry size, and  bounty- producing twice in one season! You won’t have to feel guilty when you eat all the berries right after they ripen. Save the second harvest for baking and freezing!

Jelly Bean® Blueberries

These berries will bloom mid-summer and taste just like sweet, homemade blueberry jelly. These don’t look like your typical blueberry bushes! They have long green leaves with red highlights in cooler climates. Bright and beautiful to add depth in your landscape design.

Peach Sorbet®

This compact blueberry will get your attention for sure! Look for the white bell shaped flowers in the spring with leaves that are peach, pink, orange, and green! The tropical tasting berries will be gone before it gets cold out, but the rich purple color of this plant and the lush green leaves won’t! Long lasting color throughout the cold months of winter!

Raspberry Shortcake®

A raspberry plant that doesn’t need a lot of room or staking. This thornless plant is designed to thrive in a patio pot or plant right into your landscape. Now you can grow raspberries right outside your door!

Cute, compact and all self-pollinating! What more could you want, except maybe some ice cream to accompany the sweet tastes of summer!

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