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Plant Start: Life Insurance for Your Plants

Ever stop to think what plants go through when you take them out of their pot and plant them in the ground or different container? Well, it isn’t as easy on them as you might think.

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How to Attract More Songbirds to Your Yard this Summer

Ever wonder what attracts songbirds to a yard? Obviously, a nice food source is a factor, but more importantly in the summer it’s FRESH WATER.

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Improving Clay Soil

If you're reading this you’re probably like most of us - plant lovers who appreciate healthy, beautiful plants wherever they grow. But you also know the secret to a heathy plant involves more than the sunny or shady spot where it grows. The soil around the plant impacts its healthiness, and Earl May Structure and other soil amendments can help.

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How to Prune Your Young Fruit Trees

Prune young, non-bearing fruit trees to give them a desired shape and develop a strong framework that will support the fruit in later years.

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