Calling all Cardinal Fans!

  • Male and female cardinal on snowy branch

As winter wears on you may find yourself longing for the colors and sounds from birds chirping outside your windows. While most birds have taken flight and headed south towards warmer temps, the Cardinal will brave the Midwestern winters.

Cardinals have long been associated with power, strength and beauty and their vibrant red color equal vitality and creativity.

You will attract these beautiful birds to your yard with Earl May Premium Songbird blend bird food. The cardinal’s favorites are black oil sunflower and safflower seeds. They also love shelled and cracked corn, white millet, and peanuts. All of these superb ingredients are found in our premium seed. What’s even better….Earl May’s mixture does not contain red millet, oats or other fillers as these discourage most birds and will create waste.

Selecting the right feeder to allow cardinals enough space to perch and eat will keep them coming back for more. Use a tube feeder with a tray, or an open platform (a fly-through) feeder are best for these fine feathered friends. Remember to place the feeders approximately 8-10’ from trees or other shelter to provide optimal feeding (and viewing) opportunities.

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