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Will English Ivy Hurt My Oak Tree?

Thank you for your question regarding English Ivy.  Ivy can damage a tree when it gets thick enough; however, one year of growth probably isn't enough to hurt the tree yet.  The ivy should be carefully removed from the tree, but don't rip it off.  The roots have attached to the bark and this may [...]

Does my gardenia plant have mealybugs?

Betty from Shawnee. Thanks for your houseplant question. It looks like your gardenia has a few mealybugs on it.  Mealybugs are insects that feed on the plant sap and if left uncontrolled, can slowly kill the host plant. We recommend controlling mealybugs with one of these houseplant products: Earl May Earth Rx Houseplant & Insect [...]

How do I trim my lilac-on-a-standard?

Susan from Evansdale, IA. Thanks for your question on pruning your lilac-on-a-standard. The care of a "lilac-on-a-standard" is the same as any lilac shrub. Conserve soil moisture by applying a 2 - 3 inch layer of shredded bark mulch around the base of the plant.  Keep the mulch a finger width distance from the trunk [...]

Why didn’t my pole beans produce this year?

Kerin from West Des Moines, IA. Thanks for your question about your Blue Lake Pole Beans producing large vines but no beans this season. There are several reasons why a bean might not be producing: Beans need 8 - 10 hours of full sunlight. Beans planted too close together will have lower production. Large swings [...]

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