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What order should pre-emergent, grass seed, fertilizer and conditioner be applied?

This spring, I am looking to apply pre-emergent, lay grass seed, fertilize and apply Earth Right Soil Conditioner (for heavy clay soil). What order should this be done and when? Here are the steps you should follow: 1.  Prepare the soil. This can be done at anytime. Incorporate Structure Soil Conditioner into the soil, which recommended for [...]

I have standing water in my dry creekbed that gets algae. How do I keep that from happening?

Thank you for your question, Kim. I'm not sure if there was any product underneath the rock of the dry creek bed.  If you used plastic or fabric, you may need to poke holes in it to help aerate so the water is able to go through.  Also, there may be frost still in the [...]

My neighbor cut down their tree, now we have sprouts and weeds. What should we do?

Hello, Lisa. Once the tree was cut down there was a change with the amount of sunlight the area is now getting. Because of this there may be seeds that are now germinating with the new found sun.  Use Earl May Super Brush and Weed Killer.  This provides control of hard-to-kill weeds and will not kill grass [...]

I want June-bearing strawberries for a raised garden bed. What do you suggest?

Our best June-bearing is available in our stores this spring.  We promote our Earl May and University tested variety June-bearing type called Honeoye.  The plants you get from us will be started as young plants in packs of 6.  Very convenient and easy to plant compared to bareroot pieces that have a higher mortality rate.  I would suggest one [...]

Can you tell me what is wrong with my plant? Will it spread to other plants?

Hello, Kaitlyn. From the picture it looks like you have mealy bugs on your schefflera plant.  Use "Bonide" Insecticidal Soap to help control.  Thoroughly spray the insects, including the undersides of the plants leaves.  Repeat treatment weekly or bi-weekly if needed. Check her other plants to see if the mealy bugs have spread and treat them as well.

What soil do you recommend for raised garden beds?

Thank you for your question, Max. For raised garden beds we recommend Earl May Premium Potting Mix.  It is a pre-moistened, dark, rich, potting soil and is excellent for all container plantings. It contains a blend of rich organic humus, peat moss and horticultural perlite.  It is fortified with plant food to encourage root growth as [...]

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