Gardening Projects

For more than 75 years, gardeners have trusted their gardens to the expert advice and premium products available at Earl May Nursery and Garden Centers. No matter your experience level our gardening projects are sure to help you grow your own way; turning your outdoor “blah” into your outdoor getaway.

Grow your best tomatoes with these expert tips!

Know what you need Choose your plants based on your growing space. Tomatoes are classified by their growth habits. Determinate tomatoes, also called bush, will stop growing when they reach a specific height and most fruit will ripen about the same time. These are better for smaller gardens and great for decks and patios. They [...]

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Life Insurance for your plants!

Healthy plants start from the roots up. Giving newly planted trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables a great start with just the right amount of food and nutrients is a recipe for success. That’s why we love Earl May Plant Start, it’s 4 products in 1…an exclusive root stimulant only available at Earl May Seed and [...]


4 Tips For Designing With Succulents

4 Tips for designing with succulents Succulents are the hot new trend in gardening and home décor. Easy care and low maintenance means fabulous designs without the fuss! 1. Thriller, Filler and Spiller – use this formula as you choose your succulent design plan. Thriller – Think tall, spikey, large and/or unique. You want this [...]


Herbs For Better Health

With so many great benefits and uses for fresh herbs, we would run out of room fast to try and list them all here. Instead, we have narrowed it down to our most popular herbs and why you should be growing them for yourself.   Thyme One of the most popular culinary herbs today, with [...]

Easy to grow Roses!

Easy to grow roses? I never thought I would hear those words together in the same sentence. Turns out, that is exactly what Easy Elegance® Shrub Roses are….Roses you can grow®. Take everything you have heard about growing roses and forget it! None of those rules apply. No pruning? Yes, you read correctly, no complicated [...]


The Top 5 “Must Have” Flowering Shrubs

Varying bloom times with flowering shrubs adds depth and drama to your landscape. Design a great look of bountiful blooms to enjoy season after season with these Earl May favorites: Rhododendron Rhodos for short.  This is a super bloomer has large leaves and contrasting big, beautiful blooms, some varieties are as large as softballs. [...]


Trees Grown for Design

Have you ever driven past a home and thought, WOW, that place looks spectacular! It just has “that look”, the one bursting with color and creativity. The perfect design. We can help you achieve that in your own yard. Our experts put a lot of time and thought into choosing the right varieties of trees [...]

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Why you should be mulching

Mulch is as important to your trees, plants, and shrubs as sunlight, fertilizer and water. Think of it as a security blanket covering and protecting the plants root system. Keep these things in mind as you get ready for spring planting. Keep moisture where it belongs A good layer of mulch will keep the moisture [...]

Gardening Without A Garden

Just because you don’t have the room for a garden, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables. Container gardening is the solution for those on the go, with small amounts of time and space to spare! Small Space, BIG taste! Growing your own fruits and vegetables is easy! All [...]

Get Growing with the Grow Box Kit!

Have you seen the “GrowBox?” The answer to gardening without actually gardening? I know it sounds confusing, but it really is awesome! Now I am guessing you are a little skeptical… I was. It can’t be that easy. Isn’t the fun of gardening the hours spent weeding, watering, fertilizing, and crawling around on your hands [...]

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