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For more than 75 years, gardeners have trusted their gardens to the expert advice and premium products available at Earl May Nursery and Garden Centers. No matter your experience level our gardening projects are sure to help you grow your own way; turning your outdoor “blah” into your outdoor getaway.

Earl May’s Top Tree Picks For Fall Color

I don't know about you, but jumping into leaves was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.  My friends and I would rake them into a pile as big as we could, fall into them, and watch the colorful leaves float down to the ground covering the lawn with shades of orange, [...]

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Our best tips for planting daffodils!

Nothing says spring like the bright yellow bloom of daffodils! Seeing daffodils in landscapes, gardens and along walkways in early spring is like a warm sunny welcome sign at your home. Daffodils are dependable perennials you can count on to come back year and after year. Better yet…deer and gopher resistant! If you have lost [...]

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6 Steps To Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs

The temperatures are starting to drop and it's starting to feel more like fall. In other words, a perfect time to plant fall bulbs for spring blooms!  Bulbs are that first pop of color in your garden in early spring while other plants are still in dormancy or just beginning to wake up.  For the most impact, [...]

How do I prepare my arborvitae for winter?

Here are a few tips to help evergreens, such as arborvitae, survive the first winter: Make sure the ground around the arborvitae is staying moist and give them a good amount of water before the ground freezes.  A good rule of thumb is one inch of water, either through rain or by watering until ground [...]

We have heavy clay soil. What should we do?

Here is what we suggest for clay soil: One way to improve Clay Soil when planting a new lawn, trees and shrubs is to use Earl May Structure.  By mixing the structure in the soil when planting, the structure will act like tiny reservoirs storing moisture, oxygen and nutrients, also releasing them to the roots [...]

October. The Best Time To Control Weeds In Your Lawn

When is the best time to control weeds in your lawn?  The answer may surprise you, but it’s actually fall. Late season applications of herbicides strike weeds when they are most vulnerable, making it easier to kill weeds this time of year than any other. To control weeds in the fall there is one catch: [...]

What you need to know when bringing in houseplants this fall!

Houseplants are a wonderful addition to a backyard patio or deck, but there comes a time in the fall when they need to be brought inside to a more protected area. No one wants their plants to freeze..right? But be very careful when doing this so you don’t bring a bunch of little critters in [...]


Can You Plant Mums Outside To Comeback Next Year?

The best time to plant mums for winter hardiness is spring to early summer, but most mums are not available until fall. Some things that to do to give mums the best chance to overwinter are: 1. Plant them as soon as possible in the ground - water and maintain normally 2. After the foliage [...]

Will English Ivy Hurt My Oak Tree?

Thank you for your question regarding English Ivy.  Ivy can damage a tree when it gets thick enough; however, one year of growth probably isn't enough to hurt the tree yet.  The ivy should be carefully removed from the tree, but don't rip it off.  The roots have attached to the bark and this may [...]

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What Are The Black Spots On My Lilac & Ninebark

Thank you for the photo- it helps us identify what is going on.  From the picture this looks like Leaf Spot which is a fungal disease.  There will be spots on the foliage of the shrubs and the leaves may turn yellow and drop prematurely. You can spray/apply Fungonil RTU To help control the disease, [...]

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