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For more than 75 years, gardeners have trusted their gardens to the expert advice and premium products available at Earl May Nursery and Garden Centers. No matter your experience level our gardening projects are sure to help you grow your own way; turning your outdoor “blah” into your outdoor getaway.

Beware of Cheap Mulch: 4 Things To Know Before Your Next Mulch Purchase

How Box Stores Are Cutting Corners At Your Expense - Many discounters promote mulch at what appears to be bargain prices. While these offers look great and may be hard to resist, there are several things you should know before purchasing.  Loose Labeling Laws:  Regulations regarding how mulch is labelled for content are very weak. [...]

6 Simple Steps to Grow Plants from Seed

In addition to saving you money, growing your own herbs, vegetables and ornamental plants from seed is extremely rewarding. Consider Environmental Conditions Correct temperature is one of the environmental conditions critical for seed germination. Most seeds require temperatures of 70 to 75˚F degrees to germinate. To keep the medium at 70˚F or above, adding gentle [...]

How to Prune Your Young Fruit Trees

Young, non-bearing fruit trees are pruned to give them a desired shape and develop a strong framework that will support the fruit in later years. When to prune fruit trees? We suggest late winter or very early spring before growth starts. Prune young fruit trees lightly. Too much pruning tends to dwarf the trees and [...]

The Top 5 “Must Have” Flowering Shrubs

Varying bloom times with flowering shrubs adds depth and drama to your landscape. Design a great look of bountiful blooms to enjoy season after season with these Earl May favorites: Rhododendron Rhodos for short.  This is a super bloomer has large leaves and contrasting big, beautiful blooms, some varieties are as large as softballs. [...]


Great Time To Plant Fruit Trees!

What a great feeling it is to pick a plump pear, sweet peach, or juicy apple right off your own tree! Here are some quick tips and general information to help you choose the variety best for your growing environment and most of all….enjoyment!  Know your area – 1.  If you have a large yard, apples, peaches, and [...]

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Get rid of Moles, Voles, and Holes in your Yard

Have you ever stepped on your lawn only to find that the ground was soft and almost looks like you have tunnels running through it? If that has happened to you then you may have a mole problem.  Don't worry though, the moles aren't after you, they are after tasty grubs and worms that are [...]

Top 5 Favorite Low Light Houseplants

Low Light? No problem Don’t let the lack of natural light keep you from adding houseplants to your home. We have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite low light plants. Find out which one is best for you. ZZ Plant– Thick glossy leaves add to any décor. A forgiving plant that can withstand [...]


Does my gardenia plant have mealybugs?

Betty from Shawnee. Thanks for your houseplant question. It looks like your gardenia has a few mealybugs on it.  Mealybugs are insects that feed on the plant sap and if left uncontrolled, can slowly kill the host plant. We recommend controlling mealybugs with one of these houseplant products: Earl May Earth Rx Houseplant & Insect [...]

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Got Pothos?

Want to add some houseplants to your home, but don’t feel like you have a green thumb? Pothos plants are perfect for you! We love this hardy indoor plant and here are the top 4 reasons you will too! Best for beginners – Pothos do not require a lot of special care and they like [...]


The top 3 reason you should have an Aloe plant

Plants enrich our lives every day, whether we realize it or not. The health benefits have been proven by countless studies conducted in homes, schools, hospitals and offices. One of our favorites, the Aloe plant, was named one of NASA’s 50 best air purifiers. Planted in a pretty pot and versatile in any room with [...]

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