Container Garden Projects

If you love planting container gardens but don’t know how to start, discover these beautiful container garden projects for all levels of experience.

What soil do you recommend for raised garden beds?

Thank you for your question, Max. For raised garden beds we recommend Earl May Premium Potting Mix.  It is a pre-moistened, dark, rich, potting soil and is excellent for all container plantings. It contains a blend of rich organic humus, peat moss and horticultural perlite.  It is fortified with plant food to encourage root growth as [...]

4 Reasons We Love Succulents And You Should Too

Have you noticed?  Succulents are everywhere!  We are seeing them used as popular interior design elements and also for unique feature plants in outdoor container gardens. No matter the style of decor…rustic, classic or modern…they are everywhere.  But why?  They require little care, making them the perfect houseplant for those with busy schedules…they originate from [...]

Herbs For Better Health

With so many great benefits and uses for fresh herbs, we would run out of room fast to try and list them all here. Instead, we have narrowed it down to our most popular herbs and why you should be growing them for yourself.   Thyme One of the most popular culinary herbs today, with [...]

3 Expert Tips on Feeding your Flowers

Flowering annuals impact how our landscapes, patios, decks and entryways look. Get the most color out of annuals by using the correct fertilizer. Annuals are heavy feeders. Producing a lot of flowers requires watering more frequently, and providing extra nutrients needed. They should be fed several times throughout the season. Proper Fertilizer Ratio Using common fertilizers encourages new growth [...]

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