Flower Garden Projects

Discover useful tips on growing flowers, planting flower beds and creating flower container gardens from the experts at Earl May Nursery & Garden Centers.

2020 Moonsign Pamphlet

Gardening by the sign of the moon has been a long standing tradition among some gardeners. This includes the best time to plant leafy greens and vegetables, when to cultivate, or the best dates for harvesting. LLewelyn's 2020 Moon Sign Book has all the information needed to determine these best dates according to the moon's sign. Each [...]

4 Simple Steps to Force Bulbs to Bloom Indoors

The cold of winter can seem to last forever. As days get shorter and nights are longer, we patiently wait for the warm temps and colors of spring! Brighten dreary winter days indoors by adding pops of color with cheery spring bulbs like hyacinths, daffodils and tulips! Follow these simple steps to force blooms indoors, [...]

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Planting Irises…It’s Easy

Bearded Iris...an iconic flower with striking, large blooms in shades of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and white.  We see iris show up in pictures and paintings for home decor, but we think nothing compares to the real thing. Irises are very easy to plant and will give you years of beautiful blooms. Here are a [...]

All-Purpose Plant Food – More Nutrients for Healthier Plants

Unsurpassed Quality Earl May All-Purpose Plant Food is the perfect choice for growing beautiful, healthy plants. This product works great on roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables and hanging baskets.  This all-purpose food provides superior performance when compared to national brands. Plant Health The professional 20-20-20 formula also includes an added “micro pac” containing essential micro-nutrients. These [...]

Benefits of Mulching

Mulch is as important to your trees, plants, and shrubs as sunlight, fertilizer and water. Think of it as a security blanket covering and protecting the plants root system. Keep these things in mind as you get ready for Spring planting. Keep Moisture Where it Belongs A good layer of mulch will keep the moisture in [...]

Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Rose

Have you ever walked into the garden center and been instantly taken aback by the beautiful blooms and sweet fragrance of the rose display?  The problem is you don't know which one is the best for you to plant.  Then you read the tag and become even more confused. Hybrid Tea...Floribunda...Miniature... Climbing... Shrub...what does it [...]

How to Plant a Shrub or Perennial

When planting a perennial garden, choose plants with different bloom times to give your garden continuous color.  Be sure to include repeat bloomers such as Stella d'Oro daylilies, Moonbeam coreopsis and salvia.  This will give even the beginner gardener season-long color. The most attractive gardens include perennials with a variety of heights, planting [...]

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