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Transform your yard with DIY outdoor landscaping projects. From landscape edging to water features, look like you’re a landscaping professional.

Beware of Cheap Mulch: 4 Things To Know Before Your Next Mulch Purchase

How Box Stores Are Cutting Corners At Your Expense - Many discounters promote mulch at what appears to be bargain prices. While these offers look great and may be hard to resist, there are several things you should know before purchasing.  Loose Labeling Laws:  Regulations regarding how mulch is labelled for content are very weak. [...]

Our Best Picks for Fall Planting

Aww, fall. One of our favorite seasons. Summer heat slipping away, replaced by brisk mornings becoming sunny afternoons, and leading to cool nights. The change in temperatures puts us in the mood for fall colors. What better way to keep the color, depth and design you worked so hard to have in your landscape by [...]

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Trees Grown for Design

Have you ever driven past a home and thought, WOW, that place looks spectacular! It just has “that look”, the one bursting with color and creativity. The perfect design. We can help you achieve that in your own yard. Our experts put a lot of time and thought into choosing the right varieties of trees [...]

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Finally….A Natural solution for weeds in the lawn!

You’ve been asking for years, and we finally have it! No other product has been available that would kill broadleaf weeds without harming the healthy, green lawn you worked so hard on. Weed Beater FE (Iron) is specially formulated with a naturally occurring form of Iron and kills common weeds, dandelions, clover, thistles and more. [...]

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Why you should be mulching

Mulch is as important to your trees, plants, and shrubs as sunlight, fertilizer and water. Think of it as a security blanket covering and protecting the plants root system. Keep these things in mind as you get ready for spring planting. Keep moisture where it belongs A good layer of mulch will keep the moisture [...]

Color Your Landscape Early!

Ahhh…. finally, SPRING IS HERE! I know this warm weather sure gets me in the mood to get out and get planting! These Midwest winters can be tough on our shrubs, plants, and trees. Especially this time of year, things can look a little drab and colorless. Our experts have come up with [...]

No Digging Required for these Berries!

These are not your Grandma’s Berries! Don’t get me wrong…we all love the fresh berries from Grandma’s. The ones she cultivated and covered, picked and pruned. No one is knocking Grandma (or Grandpa’s) berries! But these new varieties from Bushel and Berry are far from what your Grandma had! No more hiding your berries at [...]

Trees For Small Spaces, Our Favorite

It seems our living spaces are growing smaller every day, either by choice or by design.  That doesn’t mean you should scare away from planting trees.  Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are good for your home value and great for the environment! Whether you are looking for a tree that blooms, or maybe [...]

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Easy Maintenance Shrubs

We take pride in our homes and want them to look nice, not only for us...but for our neighbors, and passers by too.  Unfortunately, we all weren't magically born with a green thumb.  For those of us that weren't, shrubs that are low maintenance are a must! Here are a few favorites to try: Smokebush [...]

The Mighty Shrub

Like all plants, it is important to know a shrub’s growth habits, light requirements and watering needs – but shrubs offer gardeners all the beauty of perennial flowers without nearly as much effort.  Your reward for planting a single shrub is likely to be dozens, or even hundreds, of flowers, season after season.  And [...]

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