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Transform your yard with DIY outdoor landscaping projects. From landscape edging to water features, look like you’re a landscaping professional.

We have heavy clay soil. What should we do?

Here is what we suggest for clay soil: One way to improve Clay Soil when planting a new lawn, trees and shrubs is to use Earl May Structure.  By mixing the structure in the soil when planting, the structure will act like tiny reservoirs storing moisture, oxygen and nutrients, also releasing them to the roots [...]

Can You Plant Mums Outside To Comeback Next Year?

The best time to plant mums for winter hardiness is spring to early summer, but most mums are not available until fall. Some things that to do to give mums the best chance to overwinter are: 1. Plant them as soon as possible in the ground - water and maintain normally 2. After the foliage [...]

Why Fall Planting Is Best!

In our Midwest climate, mid-August to mid-October is an ideal time to plant a variety of plants. We love this time of year as the weather cools above ground while the soil is still warm below ground. This is especially important to promote good roots for a hardier plant next spring. Trees - (deciduous, evergreen, [...]

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What's better than the beautiful fall colors of leaves changing on trees?  Watching those colors change in your own landscape! Fall is the PERFECT time to plant and it doesn't get any easier than with Earl May's Free Local Tree Planting promotion.  Buy any regular price tree(s) valued at $149 or more, and we will [...]

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Reliable Shrubs To Replace A Winter Damaged Landscape

Reliable Shrub Solutions To Replace A Winter Damaged Landscape If you are like many here in the Midwest your landscape may have trees and shrubs that didn’t leaf out this spring.  This last winter and early spring took a toll on many items.  A relatively dry winter followed by a cold spring can provide a [...]

Top 5 Varieties Of Ornamental Grasses For The Midwest

Ornamental grasses are a popular low-maintenance landscape option here in the Midwest. Grasses add visual interest to your landscape all year, durable winter-hardy, and easy to grow. Ornamental grasses are excellent landscape accents that compliment flowering shrubs, perennials, or even flowering annuals. We love our grasses in how they can vary in style, color, and [...]

Create your own bee and butterfly habitat

Have you been thinking about bees and butterflies as you make plans for your garden, landscape and outdoor spaces? We have been… and think you should be too! Pollinating insects are responsible for every 3rd bite of food we eat, and 75% of all plants require animals for pollination. Insects making up the largest numbers. [...]

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No Digging Required for these Berries!

These are not your Grandma’s Berries! Don’t get me wrong…we all love the fresh berries from Grandma’s. The ones she cultivated and covered, picked and pruned. No one is knocking Grandma (or Grandpa’s) berries! But these new varieties from Bushel and Berry are far from what your Grandma had! No more hiding your berries at [...]

Not sure if your plants survived the winter?

"Give them some time", that’s the message from our Nursery experts. April’s record cold temperatures were not only brutal on us, but they didn’t do the plants in our landscape any favors either. This season plants are coming out of dormancy 2 -3 weeks later than previous year’s with some just now showing signs of life. [...]


Beware of Cheap Mulch: 4 Things To Know Before Your Next Mulch Purchase

How Box Stores Are Cutting Corners At Your Expense - Many discounters promote mulch at what appears to be bargain prices. While these offers look great and may be hard to resist, there are several things you should know before purchasing.  Loose Labeling Laws:  Regulations regarding how mulch is labelled for content are very weak. [...]

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