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Transform your yard with DIY outdoor landscaping projects. From landscape edging to water features, look like you’re a landscaping professional.

Top 5 Varieties Of Ornamental Grasses For The Midwest

Ornamental grasses are a popular low-maintenance landscape option here in the Midwest. Grasses add visual interest to your landscape all year, durable winter-hardy, and easy to grow. Ornamental grasses are excellent landscape accents that compliment flowering shrubs, perennials, or even flowering annuals. We love our grasses in how they can vary in style, color, and [...]

Not sure if your plants survived the winter?

"Give them some time", that’s the message from our Nursery experts. April’s record cold temperatures were not only brutal on us, but they didn’t do the plants in our landscape any favors either. This season plants are coming out of dormancy 2 -3 weeks later than previous year’s with some just now showing signs of life. [...]


Our Best Picks for Fall Planting

Aww, fall. One of our favorite seasons. Summer heat slipping away, replaced by brisk mornings becoming sunny afternoons, and leading to cool nights. The change in temperatures puts us in the mood for fall colors. What better way to keep the color, depth and design you worked so hard to have in your landscape by [...]

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Trees Grown for Design

Have you ever driven past a home and thought, WOW, that place looks spectacular! It just has “that look”, the one bursting with color and creativity. The perfect design. We can help you achieve that in your own yard. Our experts put a lot of time and thought into choosing the right varieties of trees [...]

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Benefits of Mulching

Mulch is as important to your trees, plants, and shrubs as sunlight, fertilizer and water. Think of it as a security blanket covering and protecting the plants root system. Keep these things in mind as you get ready for Spring planting. Keep Moisture Where it Belongs A good layer of mulch will keep the moisture in [...]

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