DIY Lawn Care Projects

Discover useful tips on growing a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood – from seeding and fertilizing your lawn to caring for it with mowing and seasonal lawn care maintenance.

Want a Healthier Lawn? Feed it in the Fall!

Ask any Turf specialist. Fall is the best time to feed and fertilize your lawn. Why? After a long, stressful summer your lawn needs to recharge, fill back in, and get set for the winter ahead. Fertilizing in the fall improves the overall health of your soil. Lasting impacts show the following Spring when your [...]

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Why Fall is the BEST time to seed your lawn.

August through September is the BEST time to over-seed a lawn.  Warm soil and cool temperatures at night make the perfect growing conditions. Here are 5 expert tips on doing it right! Prep Work Mow your existing grass to a height of 1 to 1.5 inches. Next vigorously rake or core aerate to loosen soil and rough [...]

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Best Control For Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie…Ground Ivy…Stupid Weed! Whatever you call it, it’s annoying, and worse yet, it creeps.  And it creeps quickly. Today a small weed, tomorrow it’s everywhere! Creeping Charlie (officially called Ground Ivy) is a vine that grows close to the ground and produces tiny purple flowers. It can't be pulled because the vines have little nodes [...]

Finally….A Natural solution for weeds in the lawn!

You’ve been asking for years, and we finally have it! No other product has been available that would kill broadleaf weeds without harming the healthy, green lawn you worked so hard on. Weed Beater FE (Iron) is specially formulated with a naturally occurring form of Iron and kills common weeds, dandelions, clover, thistles and more. [...]

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What Earl May Marvel Lawn Seed Can Do For You

Marvel Lawn Seed: Amazing before and after pictures of a Marvelous Lawn - These pictures show just how well our Marvel Lawn Seed performed for one of our customers.  In just a few short weeks, their new Marvel lawn was completely transformed from bare ground into lush green grass! Lawn Seed: Exclusive To Earl May [...]

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This spring, I am looking to apply pre-emergent, lay grass seed, fertilize and apply Earth Right Soil Conditioner (for heavy clay soil). What order should this be done and when?

Thank you for the question, Lonnie. Here are the steps you should follow: 1.  Prepare the soil - can be done at anytime a.  Incorporate Structure Soil Conditioner into the soil- this is recommended for heavy clay soil. b. Spray with Earth Right Super Stuff 2.  Sow the seed as soon as the ground temperature reaches 55 degrees.  You [...]

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