DIY Lawn Care Projects

Discover useful tips on growing a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood – from seeding and fertilizing your lawn to caring for it with mowing and seasonal lawn care maintenance.

Why You Should Use Earl May Marvel Lawn Seed

Marvel Lawn Seed: Amazing before and after pictures of a Marvelous Lawn - These pictures show how well our Marvel Lawn Seed performed for one of our customers.  In just a few short weeks, their bare ground transformed into lush green grass! Exclusive To Earl May Marvel Lawn Seed is an Earl May Exclusive grass [...]

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What order should pre-emergent, grass seed, fertilizer and conditioner be applied?

This spring, I am looking to apply pre-emergent, lay grass seed, fertilize and apply Earth Right Soil Conditioner (for heavy clay soil). What order should this be done and when? Here are the steps you should follow: 1.  Prepare the soil. This can be done at anytime. Incorporate Structure Soil Conditioner into the soil, which recommended for [...]

Quick and Easy Grass and Lawn Repair

From the ruts left behind by vehicles, or the damage created from snow removal - winter can be hard on lawns. If your lawn is like most, it has bare spots that need to be fixed. Now is the time for lawn repair you need. The solution? Earl May Lawn Repair Kit. This kit is a [...]

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Seeing is Believing!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so there’s not much more to say when looking at this photo of one of our customer’s lawns after applying our Superfine Weed and Feed. The customer was skeptical after seeing the sign in our store stating, “highest rated weed and feed in turf trials”, but [...]

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2020 Moonsign Pamphlet

Gardening by the sign of the moon has been a long standing tradition among some gardeners. This includes the best time to plant leafy greens and vegetables, when to cultivate, or the best dates for harvesting. LLewelyn's 2020 Moon Sign Book has all the information needed to determine these best dates according to the moon's sign. Each [...]

Sink Your Feet Into a Greener Lawn

Growing a greener grass lawn for the barefoot days of the season is attainable. Simply integrate these tips into your current lawn care routine for grass that’s greener on your side of the fence. Incorporate Good Grass Mowing Techniques Keep you mower blades sharp throughout the season. Dull blades rip the grass tips instead of cutting. [...]

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