What Earl May Marvel Lawn Seed Can Do For You

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Marvel Lawn Seed: Amazing before and after pictures of a Marvelous Lawn –

These pictures show just how well our Marvel Lawn Seed performed for one of our customers.  In just a few short weeks, their new Marvel lawn was completely transformed from bare ground into lush green grass!

Lawn Seed: Exclusive To Earl May

Marvel Lawn Seed is an Earl May Exclusive grass seed blend developed by our own in-house turf experts.  We package all of our grass seed at our production facility in Shenandoah, Iowa.

Why Choose Earl May Marvel Lawn Seed?

Marvel grass seed is designed to provide superior drought tolerance, dark green color, and disease resistance.  It also has the  ability to withstand heavy pet and foot traffic. Marvel is a blend of Turf -Type Tall fescues proven to be best suited for the Midwest climate. It has even shown the ability to self- repair if the lawn is damaged (think practicing your golf swing and taking out a chunk of the lawn). Because of these qualities, Earl May Marvel is very eco-friendly, requiring much less water, fertilizer, and even less mowing, to stay healthy and green. And who doesn’t like the sound of that!   

Lawn SeedSeed Your Lawn Today

If lawn seeding is on your to- do list, choose Earl May’s Marvel, you’ll be glad you did. We guarantee it!

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