Expert Advice for Successful Iris Planting!

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Bearded Iris

…an iconic flower with striking, large blooms in shades of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and white. Iris show up in pictures and paintings for home decor, but we think nothing compares to the real thing!

Fall is a great time to plant bearded iris. Iris will bloom in late spring. Some will re-bloom in summer such as the varieties ‘Harvest of Memories’, ‘Immortality’, and ‘Victoria Falls’.

Many people refer to iris as bulbs, but did you know they aren’t bulbs at all? Irises are rhizomes. Rhizomes are a modified root that are planted and grow horizontally. The top of the rhizome needs to be even or slightly above the soil surface. If you plant irises too deep they will rot.

Irises are very easy to plant and will give you years of beautiful blooms. Here are a few simple tips on how to successfully plant iris in your landscape.


The ideal location for iris is a well-drained, sunny area. If the soil is heavy, incorporate Earl May Structure so the moisture percolates out quickly.


Rhizome (Iris “bulb”) should be even with the surface of the ground, and the top of the rhizome should be exposed. Keep the roots well spread out underneath so the rhizome is within reach of the warmth of the sun’s rays and the roots beneath are in moist soil.


Plant 8 inches to 2 feet apart. Closer plantings will give an immediate clump effect.

Be sure to firm the soil tightly around each rhizome when planting and water to settle soil around new plants