Fall Decorating Made Easy!

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Do you love the look of fall – deep reds and greens contrasting with vibrant yellows and oranges?  These looks are easy to get and add warmth to your home as the temperatures begin to cool.


A fall favorite with fabulous colors will perk up the any patio containers. Buckets and boxes make great planters. Group different colors together to create your own design or pick up a hanging basket planted with 3 colors of mums all ready to go!

Earl May Fall Decorating Kit

Contains everything you need for fall! 1 straw bale, 2 8 in. potted mums, 3 pumpkins(15lbs. or less) and a cornstalk bundle! Viola! No thinking required, one and done!


Mini, striped, big, small, heirloom, orange and white! Plenty of shapes, sizes and varieties to choose from. Pumpkins for carving or pie making, and miniatures to bring your fall decorating inside. Hollow out a carving pumpkin and fill with a planted mum, aster or pre-planted fall container. Easy and fun!

Colorful Gourds

A perfect final touch for your fall plants and decorations! They may be small, but they make a big impact. Unique shapes in many sizes. Pick the perfect one to complete your own design.

fall decorating

Fall Color Containers

Bunches of mums, asters, millet, and fall grasses. A blend of fall colors without all the work! Ready to go now for long lasting fall color that will look like you spent hours planting. Your secret is safe with us!


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