Favorite Flowers for Sunny Spaces

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Spring has finally arrived with warmer temperatures. We’re ready for some sun and so are the plants! With a really sunny garden area, sometimes it’s tough to choose the right flowers and other plants that will thrive in harsh sun conditions. Here are some of our favorite sun-loving flowers to fall in love with.

Heat-Loving Flowers

Select types that bloom at different times of the season and not all at the same time. A mixture of spring blooms with summer favorites makes a great look. Also, choose types with varying heights – plant taller to the back and shorter to the front.


favorite flowers - annuals - heat-loving 1



You don’t have to have a large area to attract pollinators. Whether it a few plants in the backyard, or a container garden on the patio, every little bit helps! Some beautiful annuals in a cute container is all you need to make a great pollinator habitat. Create the best habitat by including plants with bright colors, nectar and pollen-rich plants and a variety of bloom times.


favorite flowers - annual - pollinator 2


flower favorites - perennials - pollinators

Tip: When planning and planting your pollinators take into consideration the pest management. Use pollinator safe products and be mindful of environmental effects. Read labels and follow directed usage, including the amounts to apply. When treating for insect pests always consider all methods of pest control.


Even with fresh deliveries weekly, these favorite flowers and plants go fast! Stop in or call your local Earl May Garden Center today, or shop online – a pollinator mix and other wildflower mix seeds specific to bees and/or butterflies are available.