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Flower Gardens

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From tall and showy to lush and low, every annual and perennial plant offers your flower garden something a little different. And whatever kind of garden you have – or are looking to create – you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Earl May. Not sure exactly what you need? Our on-staff experts are always ready to help you with selection, planting and care.

When designing your flower garden, choose plants that will do well in your space, whether it’s a small garden with lots of sun or a large space with little light. It’s also best to select plants with different heights and bloom times to give your garden visual interest and continuous, season-long color. The most attractive gardens include a mix of annuals and perennials with a variety of heights, planting each variety in groups of one, three or five plants. As you learn growth and bloom habits you will be able to fine-tune your garden each year.

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Annual Flowers

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Annuals are plants that grow for just one season. In the Midwest, these are typically the flowering plants that give your landscape and containers season-long “pops” of color. They are generally very easy to grow and require minimal care outside of yearly planting and regular watering.

Annuals also allow you to change the look of your garden from year to year. By filling in the areas around your shrubs, trees or perennials with different annuals every spring, your garden can get an annual mini-makeover. Plus, they’re perfect for containers.

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Perennial Flowers

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Perennials are plants that come back year after year. Unlike annuals, perennials generally bloom for only a few weeks. Perennial gardens are constantly changing, offering you an interesting and rewarding garden.

Perennials are often promoted as being low maintenance. While it’s true that you don’t have to plant them each year, saving you time and money, you do have to divide them occasionally to keep the plants healthy and at optimum performance.

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