Beautiful and Beneficial

Especially when it’s cold outside, houseplants are a great way to keep a little piece of the outdoors nearby. And indoor plants don’t just look great; they’ve been proven to deliver some pretty impressive health and emotional benefits.

When choosing a new houseplant, it’s important to consider the watering, temperature and light needs of the plant and then compare those requirements to the plant’s intended new home.

  • Light
    The first requirement of all houseplants during their growing season is an abundance of daylight. Light from a window is always one-sided and the plants respond by turning their leaves and flowers toward the light. Because of this, you’ll want to turn your plants occasionally or they’ll grow lopsided.
  • Moisture
    The second requirement for all houseplants is moisture. Water your plants when the soil in the pot or pan has dried out so that it crumbles at the touch. Be sure that all the soil, not just the top layer is thoroughly soaked.
  • Temperature
    The cooler places in your home are generally the best suited for most houseplants. They appreciate an even temperature that is around 70o F in the daytime and between 50 and 55o F at night. There are a few exceptions, of course. Be especially conscious of temperature with tropical plants as they will die if temperatures get too low.

Tips for Your Houseplants

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Fairy Gardens Fun for All Ages

Fairy gardens (also known as miniature gardens) are a new take on an old favorite, the terrarium complete with miniature furnishings, fairy-scale plants and plenty of mystique. This fun activity for adults and kids takes just a touch of inspiration, a cute container, some plants, a few accessories and a hint of “magic” to get started.

Earl May carries a wide variety of dwarf trees and shrubs along with miniature furniture and accessories to complete your fairy garden.

Earl May on PinterestCheck out fairy gardens built by Earl May on our Miniature Garden Pinterest Board.

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