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Ornamental Grasses

bold and brilliant

Available in a variety of colors and simple to grow and maintain, ornamental grasses offer an easy way to add year-round texture, color and movement to your garden. In spring and summer, their impressive heights make them the perfect backdrop for summer blooms. And much like evergreen shrubs and trees, they’re beautiful when draped with frost and snow during the fall and winter.

At your local Earl May, you’ll find a huge selection of ornamental grass options, from Blue Festue to Feather Reed, Golden Hakone to Pampas and more. And each variety is ideal for creating focal points, filling in bare spots and adding richness and color to your landscape. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and your taste.

Earl May Ornamental Grasses
Bring Your Landscaping to Life with Ornamental Grasses

Care and Growth Habits

Ornamental grasses are divided into two different groups when it comes to growth; clump forming and rhizome forming, also called “running grass.” It’s important to know which kind you have so that you can ensure it has plenty of space as it grows. Clump forming types grow in neat little mounds and are great for planting with perennials while rhizome forming types spread underground and can quickly become invasive if not planted appropriately.

Once your ornamental grasses are established, maintenance is easy. Simply water them during times of drought and cut them back in early spring.

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