Seasonal Garden Maintenance2020-01-13T14:47:11-05:00

Seasonal Garden Maintenance

What to do and when to do it

Winter, summer, spring and fall – with each new season comes a different set of garden maintenance needs. Knowing when and what to do is vital to keeping your gardens, trees, shrubs, wildlife and houseplants healthy and weed and disease free. For your convenience, we put together monthly lists to help you plan, organize and complete your gardening goals so your plants are in tip-top shape all year long. Each list includes ideas for garden maintenance, houseplant maintenance, seasonal tree maintenance, as well as shrubs and wildlife.

As always, for further assistance on garden maintenance for all seasons, please visit your local Earl May Nursery & Garden Center. Our garden experts are available seven days a week. You can also shop online any time!

 Also, check out our month-by-month lawn maintenance calendar ».