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When it comes to landscape planning, think of trees as your foundation. Where they put down their roots is where they will stay for life. And because most trees have incredible potential for growth and long life spans, the number one priority when shopping for them is ensuring that your selected planting location will allow them to flourish now and in the future.

After considering the characteristics of your available space, consider your goals. Are you looking for a tree that will shade your home, potentially lowering your utility costs? Or, one with bright foliage and colorful flowers to add visual interest? If you have a pool, a low-shedding tree should be high on your list. Knowing the kind of tree you’re after will help you select the right one from the many options available at your neighborhood Earl May Nursery & Garden Center.

Tips for Your Tree and Landscaping

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Earl May Tree ExpertLet us do the digging

When you buy your tree from Earl May we can deliver, dig, plant and fertilize your new purchase.

Basic Types of Trees

Shade Trees

Maple, Oak, Birch

The perfect place to hang a tire swing, fully grown shade trees offer a cool place to relax and a habitat for important wildlife.

Ornamental Trees

 Crabapple, Dogwood, Redbud

Generally smaller than shade trees, ornamentals often have bold foliage or flowers and are great for making a statement.

Evergreen Trees

 Fir, Spruce, Pine

Perfect for borders and hedges, evergreen trees’ year-round foliage adds color and character in all four seasons.

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