Get Growing with the Grow Box Kit!

Have you seen the “GrowBox?” The answer to gardening without actually gardening? I know it sounds confusing, but it really is awesome!

Now I am guessing you are a little skeptical… I was. It can’t be that easy.

Isn’t the fun of gardening the hours spent weeding, watering, fertilizing, and crawling around on your hands and knees!?! Wait….that’s not fun! The fun part is picking a ripe, juicy tomato and using fresh peppers, onions, garlic, to make a sensational salsa. Gardening is supposed to be enjoyable, and the Grow Box makes it feel that way.

No yard? No problem! The Grow Box is just over 2 feet long, 14” wide and a foot high. Compact, tough UV construction lasts a lifetime. It’s perfect for a patio, deck or balcony and sets up in just 5 minutes!

Forget about guessing, first time gardeners love it! The Grow Box Kit comes with the Nutrient Patch® cover containing premium fertilizer, a weed barrier, and has a printed planting guide to help you properly space your plants. Yep, you read it correctly. NO MORE WEEDING! Your back will thank you!

The patented design of the box allows for air to enter the soil from the top and bottom, which helps to prevent root-rot, diseases and fungus. That means more food on your table and less money leaving your pocket at the grocery store!

Use the Grow Box indoors or out with simple potting mix. The 4 gallon water well is impossible to overfill and easy to check to see when more water is needed. Trust us…you will be watering a lot less than you are used too.

Perfect for planting vegetables, herbs, berries and flowers! Add the optional Plant Support Cage, with sections already joined with elastic cord, to provide the needed support for beans, tomatoes, peppers and peas!

Grow Box Planting Kit

Grow Box


Staking Kit

Nutrient Patch

Nutrient Patch


  1. Teri Hughes November 18, 2017 at 10:02 am - Reply

    Will the grow box work in shade? I have a lovely balcony but it is always in shade.

    • Gordon November 20, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      The Grow Box would work great for growing all your shade plants on the balcony.

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