How to Get Rid of those Little Gnats!

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Small Flying gnats are a common problem in a lot of homes.  These Gnats seem to come out of nowhere and are more of an annoyance then anything. While there are several sources and types of gnats, it may surprise you that these gnats may be coming from your houseplants!    

Fungus gnats actually make their home in our houseplants. They lay their eggs in the potting soil where the larvae will live until they hit their larval stage.  At this stage, gnat maggots can cause damage to the plant by eating the roots, causing the houseplant to die.  In 2 to 3 weeks the fungus gnat maggot will become full adults.  This is the tiny, black gnat that you see flying around your home.

How do you control them?

Easy… simply shake granular Mosquito Bits® onto the infected potting soil.  Mosquito Bits® can also be mixed with the potting soil prior to planting.  When the plants are watered, the natural larvaecide in Mosquito Bits® will be released.  After several waterings the larvaecide will be washed below the soil surface where the insects feed, killing the larvae before they can develop into an adult gnat .

Fungus gnats prefer moist soil, so try and make sure your soil is dry between waterings.