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Landscape Installation

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As a full-service garden center that has been dedicated to serving Midwest gardeners since 1919, Earl May knows how to help you make the most out of your outdoor space.

Our nurseries are full of plants proven to do well here, tools to make the job easier and Green Team experts ready to help you with everything from information to landscape installation. From selecting the proper materials to helping you maximize your budget, we’re here to help you grow your own way.

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LandscapeInstallation WeedBarrier

Landscaping Barriers

Never use plastic around plants as a weed barrier. Plastic cuts off oxygen to the roots which will stunt and possibly kill your plants. Instead, use three-ounce, professional-grade landscape fabric. Caution: Most “discount” brands are much thinner and will tear when you walk on them.

Use quality edging the first time you landscape and you will not need to replace it later. Plastic edging that has popped up is usually caused by discount edging without side channels heaving during freeze-thaw cycles.

LandscapeInstallation woodmulch

Wood Mulch

Spreading mulch over your garden soil is the best way to save time and energy in your yard. Mulch helps the soil hold moisture so you don’t have to water as often. It also suppresses weeds.

Don’t skimp on wood mulch when installing. It will settle after applying, so spread it at least three inches deep the first time and you won’t need to fill it in right away. There are many types of wood mulch to choose from with different styles and benefits; shredded wood, wood chips and bark nuggets to name a few.

Landscape Installation - Rock

Decorative Rock

Consider decorative rock when landscaping. While wood mulch is very popular and probably the best choice in many applications, especially where plant material will eventually cover the area.

Don’t overlook the practicality of decorative rock. The initial cost may be more, but the long-term value is greater since it will last a lifetime. Once installed, it won’t need to be touched again and when installed over landscape fabric, it will also remain virtually weed free.

Not sure how much landscaping material you need? Use this landscape material calculator to assist you in determining the correct amount.