Lawn Food and Its Importance To A Lawn’s Health

2020-04-14T16:28:41-05:00Gardening, Lawn Care|
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When it comes to the summer heat we can always find a way to cool off.  We take vacations, drink ice cold lemonade, or even go to the pool. Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Do you ever stop to think about how the heat effects your lawn and that it should be protected too?

There are several things that happen during the summer that cause our lawns to stress, and sometimes they can’t be tended to as often as they need. Your lawn can suffer greatly from the heat. Too much or too little rain can cause disease and affects how often we have to water and mow the lawn.

Once a lawn shows signs of stress, if not cared for properly, the cold winter months could greatly damage or even kill your lawn, causing you to have to start over next spring.

Feeding your lawn with Earl May Premium Lawn Food is the first step in helping your lawn recover from summer heat and stress. It also improves the health of your soil and will turn pale yellow grass to a lustrous dark green in just a few weeks!