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Earl May is a full-service lawn care and gardening supplier with locations all over the Midwest. Our Ankeny, Iowa nursery and garden center offers everything from seeds to landscaping to patio furniture. Visit our Ankeny store today to see how Earl May Nursery & Garden Center can transform your lawn or landscape into the beautiful paradise you’ve always envisioned.


Earl May’s nursery offers an expansive collection of flowers, shrubs, roses, trees, and other plants for gardens all throughout the Ankeny region. Whether you’re looking to replant some fantastic flowers or start a vegetable garden from scratch, Earl May’s nursery is the right place to start. Visit our location today to find the tools, pottery, plants, and seeds you need!

Flower Gardens

The weather at the end of April and into early May is perfect for sewing flower seeds into your flower garden. Tidy and tiny or a little over-grown, your flower garden is an important part of your landscape. The garden experts at Earl May Nursery & Garden Center can help you choose the right flower seeds and bulbs to plant this Spring. Speak to one of our garden expert to learn how using Earl May Organic Planting Mix can help encourage stronger roots and better growth.


Sowing new seeds is an exciting new beginning for your garden. Our garden experts know the right planter size, soil type, acidity, and temperature your seeds need for seed germination. Spring is always right around the corner, let us help you get your seedling garden growing strong from the start.

Lawn Care

Earl May Nursery & Garden Center has been servicing lawns throughout the American Midwest since 1919, and we continue to provide high-quality lawn care and maintenance to the Ankeny region for our beloved customers. Our experienced lawn care professionals perform fertilizing, lawn seeding, weed control, pest identification and much more. Or if you’re the do-it-yourself type, we’ve got all the lawn care supplies you need. Call or visit Earl May Nursery & Garden Center today to learn more!

Lawn Care Fundamentals

Your lawn care regimen should include a trip to your local Earl May. The lawn care experts at Earl May can answer any questions you might have about your yard, from seeding to fertilizing, irrigation to killing weeds. The right lawn care can revive even the worst yard.

Lawn Maintenance Programs

Earl May has the lawn maintenance tips that will make sure your yard has the right nutrients, acidity, and irrigation for a beautiful lawn. For your convenience, we have compiled monthly lawn maintenance checklists that will help you plan, organize and complete your seasonal goals.


Our seasoned landscaping artisans design, install, and maintain landscapes all over the Ankeny area. Earl May can help Ankeny businesses and residences look their best by providing flower and tree selection, planting, lawn care, shrub trimming, and much more.

Earl May offers a comprehensive landscape maintenance package that includes watering, fertilizing, mulching, and pruning. We can also add decorative rock to your outdoor space for an attractive, low-maintenance color contrast on your home’s exterior. Our professional gardeners will take excellent care of your lawn and landscape all year round. Contact or visit Earl May today to start your landscaping and lawn maintenance project!

Outdoor Living

You’ve worked hard to maintain your lawn and landscape, so why not enjoy it? Earl May Nursery & Garden Center provides patio furniture and outdoor décor for homes and businesses throughout the Ankeny region. Come browse our eclectic assortment of patio chairs, outdoor tables, exterior accessories and more. If you’re looking to create a truly unique outdoor environment, we even supply pets and pet equipment such as birds, cages, and feeders!

Patio Furniture & Outdoor Decor

Are you tired after a long day of work and just want to sit outside in your backyard with a glass of ice cold lemonade? Earl May Nursery & Garden Center has the perfect outdoor patio furniture for your outdoor living and patio space. Make use of your space and entertain your friends and family with a barbecue this summer. You have planted the flowers, weeded the garden. Complete your outdoor living space with garden furniture. Whether you are looking for wood furniture, wicker furniture or just need to update your patio furniture cushions, we have it all! Our experts can help you find the right furniture for your outdoor living space.

Seasonal Maintenance 

Whether your garden is in full bloom or the ground is frozen, it is important for the health of your lawn and garden to be aware of the effects of the changing seasons and the best way to combat them.

Maintenance, like mulching, sewing times and pruning, can have major benefits. Mulching in the Spring can help to retain moisture and provide nutrients to your flower beds. Planting flowers or seeding your lawn too early can damage your flowerbed and lawn. Pruning in the Summer and Fall encourages stronger growth. Winter is the time to plan your lawn care, check for mole holes and plot out what flowers you would like to plant when the ground finally thaws.

Our lawn and garden experts can let you know the best time to start planting in the Spring or apply cold-weather fertilizer in the Fall.