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South Lincoln Garden Center
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Our South Lincoln, Nebraska Earl May location features a full service, one-stop nursery and garden center shopping experience. This includes a large variety of garden plant, lawn care, landscaping and patio product to enhance your outdoor living space.


Earl May Nursery & Garden Center of South Lincoln provides an eclectic assortment of flowers, shrubs, herbs, trees, and more to accentuate your beautiful backyard garden. Whether you are looking to add a vibrant array of colorful flowers or a delicious plethora of vegetables and herbs to your home garden, Earl May garden center supplies the plants, seeds, garden design advice and tools you need to make your vision a delightful reality.


That first hint of green peeking through the soil is important and can be disrupted by something as simple as soil type, acidity, temperature or planter size. Our garden experts will help you with what you need for seed germination to get your seedling garden started off and growing beautifully.

Plants & Flowers

Maintaining your flower garden is a hobby that brings beauty to your home and life. Regardless of what type of garden you are looking to create or the flowers you want to plant in your garden, you will find the flowers, plants, tools, plant food and equipment you need at Earl May. Amature gardeners and professional landscapers trust the experts at Earl May to help grow the perfect flower garden.

Edible Gardens

Starting your own vegetable garden is a great way to save money and promote a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be just vegetables though; we also supply fruits and herbs!

Lawn Care

A healthy green lawn is a refreshing sight to see regardless of the season. That’s why Earl May Nursery & Garden Center of Lincoln South is here to help you maintain your lawn all year round. Earl May gives you the tools you need for lawn seeding, fertilizing, weed control, and generally keeping your grass carpet fetching and fresh in any season of the year.

Lawn Care Fundamentals

Are you tired of your lawn looking dead and dried up from the harsh Midwest winters? Earl May provides professional, step-by-step lawn care programs, delivering the best weed prevention, pest control, and disease solutions with premium products specially formulated to yield superior results. We have the fundamentals that your lawn needs in order to look healthy. Our company is the best local lawn care and lawn maintenance in Lincoln South, Nebraska. Our expert lawn care services are specially designed for Midwest lawns and gardens and are proven to receive immediate results. Ask us about our seasonal lawn maintenance plans! Our lawn care experts are available seven days a week and would love to help you with any of  your lawn care and lawn maintenance needs.

Lawn Care Maintenance

Earl May provides a variety of lawn maintenance equipment and products so that the grass is always greener on your side. Grow a greener, healthier lawn with Earl May’s 12 month program and see quick results. This program is beneficial for your lawn because it is specifically designed for Midwest lawns and it is created to provide more nutrients, giving you the best lawn care possible. With Earl May’s lawn maintenance programs we will have your lawn looking greener and healthier than before, so stop on by and spruce up your lawn today!


Earl May Nursery & Garden Center offers professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance services all throughout the South Lincoln region. Our full-service landscaping company has been dedicated to serving businesses and residences in the Midwest since 1919, and we know just how to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Aside from landscape design and installation, our landscaping expertise extends to plant selection, tree planting, perennial care, pest identification, and more. Contact Earl May Nursery & Garden center to get started on your beautiful new landscape today!

Trees & Shrubs

By the first of May the threat of frost should be gone, making it the perfect time to start pruning, planting and putting work into your landscape design. When planting, new trees and shrubs will need a good start to root properly. Ask one of our garden experts about Earl May Plant Start, designed to encourage strong root development. Your existing trees and shrubs will need pruning and a time-release granular fertilizer that will provide nutrients throughout the coming months.

Outdoor Living

You’ve put some hard work into making your lawn look good, so why not enjoy it? Earl May Nursery & Garden Center of South Lincoln can outfit your lawn, landscape, or patio with sleek, stylish outdoor furniture and décor. Transform your outdoor domain into an inviting, comfortable living space with our patio furniture and outdoor decorations. 

Looking to add a truly unique (and adorable) flair to your outdoor space? Earl May also offers pets, pet supplies, and wildlife accessories like birdbaths and feeders. Visit Earl May Nursery & Garden Center today to discover the possibilities!

Seasonal Maintenance

From sunshine and Summer showers to the first frost of Winter, your lawn and garden require some maintenance, regardless of the season. The changing seasons can undo a lot of earlier lawn care if you do not take precautions. Applying cold-weather fertilizer in the Fall can save you some work come Spring, and it is never too early to check for mole holes.

Mulching and pruning are good preventative measures to help ensure the health of your flower beds and trees. Mulching in the Spring can retain moisture, provide nutrients and help regulate soil temperature. Pruning throughout the Summer and early Fall can ensure that your bushes and trees have stronger growth next year. Whether the ground is frozen or your garden is in full bloom, our experts can help you determine the best way to preserve all the hard work you put into your lawn care and maintenance through the seasons.