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Earl May Nursery & Garden Center is a complete-care gardening emporium offering an impressive variety of landscaping, lawn, and outdoor living supplies and services to residents of the Shawnee, Kansas area. Our areas of expertise include garden plants, lawn care, landscaping and patio products to enhance your outdoor spaces; commercial or residential.

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Earl May Nursery & Garden Center offers an extraordinary collection of plants and botanical life for gardeners in the Shawnee area. Add a splash of color to your garden with some stunning perennials, or support a healthy lifestyle by cultivating fresh, delicious vegetables. Whatever your passion, Earl May supplies the flowers, shrubs, or seeds you need to bring your garden concepts to fruition.

Our expert gardeners and lawn care professionals can even provide comprehensive seasonal maintenance plans including weed prevention, pest control and disease solutions. Earl May has been working hard to help Midwest gardeners get rid of uninvited guests since 1919. Contact us today to achieve the healthy, vibrant, thriving garden you’ve always wanted.

Seeding and Plants

Sometimes it takes more than water and sunlight to make something grow. There are a number of other things you may need to consider for seed germination, including soil type, planter size, acidity and temperature. We can help you grow a strong garden right from the start of the season. Earl May Nursery & Garden Center- Shawnee, KS knows how important it is to have a beautiful garden that flourishes throughout spring and summer. Our experts will take the time to talk to you about all of your gardening needs and will even help you design your dream flower garden. We take pride in having many adept experts who would love to help you grow a strong garden right from the start of the season.


Summer is here and so are our flowers! What better way is there to spend your afternoon than sitting in your backyard surrounded by beautiful flowers? Make your outdoor living space more enjoyable by stopping by Earl May Nursery & Garden Center- Shawnee, KS. We have all of the tools you will need to design the perfect flower garden for your backyard. If you are not sure where to start one of our many local lawn and garden experts would be more than happy to help you

Lawn Care

Year round lawn care has been one of the core services of Earl May Nursery & Garden Center since its inception in 1919. We’ll help you maintain your Shawnee lawn whether we’re in the heat of summer or the biting cold of winter. Call on Earl May for lawn seeding, fertilizing, weed control, pest identification, or lawn mowing services.

Don’t need service work? That’s fine! You can do it yourself with tools and supplies from Earl May’s lawn care center.


Create the landscape of your dreams with Earl May Nursery & Garden Center. We provide professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance to homes and businesses all throughout the Shawnee region.
Our landscaping proficiency expands beyond landscape design and installation; we can also help with plant selection, tree planting and care, pest identification, and much more. Contact Earl May Nursery & Garden center to get started on a beautiful new outdoor space today!

Landscape Design

There are many decisions that go into good landscape design. Location and size of flower beds, bushes or peonies, water and sunlight requirements; all of this needs to be considered when planning your landscape design. Deciding what you want can be daunting at first. If you need a landscape design service, the garden experts at Earl May Nursery & Garden Center can help you with your garden or landscape design. Make Earl May your landscape design center this Spring! 


Outdoor Living

No lawn or outdoor space is complete without a place to sit and relax! Earl May Nursery & Garden Center of Shawnee offers an extensive selection of outdoor decor and patio furniture to complete your exterior living areas. Whether you’re looking for patio chairs, deck furniture, picnic tables, or simply exterior decorations, Earl May has the outdoor accessories to give your landscape the look you long for. We even supply pets and wildlife equipment like birdbaths, cages, and feeders!

Patio Furniture

Enjoying a summer evening outside, sitting in your favorite patio furniture and taking in the sunset is a simple pleasure unlike anything else. At your Shawnee Earl May, you will find a unique selection of durable, high-quality outdoor patio furniture such as dining sets, garden benches, gliders and more.

Outdoor Decor

Earl May of Shawnee helps you find the perfect accents and outdoor decor for your garden, patio or porch. The right outdoor furniture can brighten your outdoor living space, making it all the more functional and enjoyable.

Seasonal Maintenance

Lawn care does not need to wait for Springtime! Whether your garden is in full bloom or the ground is frozen, it is never too early to check for mole holes in your lawn or decide the kind of flowers you want in your garden. 

Seasonal maintenance means taking care of your lawn and garden year-round. Mulching your flower bed in the Spring and pruning in the Fall can help your yard look good now and improve its health later. Mulching helps to retain moisture and provides nutrients to the soil. Pruning the dead or sick branches and buds of your trees and flowers can improve their health, creating stronger growth in the next year. Preparing your lawn with cold weather fertilizer, before the first frost of Winter, can give you a head start on your lawn care long before the ground thaws. Regardless of the season, one of our experts can help you find the best way to maintain your lawn and the best time to start planting your garden.