Melody from St. Joseph, MO
Thanks for your question on when and how is the best time to dig up and replant a rosebush?

Early spring or late fall would be the best time to transplant your rose bush.

Follow these steps:

  1. Dig as much of the root ball out as you can.  Do this by slicing all the way around the rose and then slicing at an angle to cut the bottom roots.  The more roots and dirt the better.
  2. Dig the hole in the new location the same size as the root ball you just removed.
  3. Place the rose in the new hole at the same depth as it was before – top of root ball is even with the top of the soil or just a little higher.
  4. Water the rose with Earl May Plant Start Fertilizer and then check for water every couple of days until the plant is established.  Use your finger as a water checker, if it’s wet – don’t water, if it’s dry – water.  You can apply the Plant Start about every 14 days or so when you water.
  5. Mulch the rose with some shredded bark mulch.  This will help retain moisture and keep the weeds down.

Grow Your Own Way,