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Sound advice for dealing with annoying Suckers!

Maybe you’ve seen them in other yards, or even had to deal with them in your own. Those little sprouts, called suckers, that come out from the base of plants or tree trunks can be [...]

Create your own bee and butterfly habitat

Have you been thinking about bees and butterflies as you make plans for your garden, landscape and outdoor spaces? We have been… and think you should be too! Pollinating insects are responsible for every 3rd [...]

June Lawn Care Tips

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Expert advice for controlling bagworms

Sound advice from our Earl May Experts on controlling bagworms: Hand-picking is the best way to control light infestations on small plants during the dormant season. Destroy bags by burning or by crushing. If bags [...]

More Nutrients for Growing Healthier Plants

Unsurpassed Quality - Earl May All Purpose Plant Food is the perfect choice for growing beautiful, healthy plants. Works great on roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables and hanging baskets.  Superior performance when compared to national brands. Plant [...]

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