Perennials. Why We Love Them And You Should Too!

2020-04-14T16:24:31-05:00Flower Gardens, Gardening|
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  • Allium
  • Coreopis

The month of June is when perennials start to look their best and our Earl May Garden Centers are no exception! June is a great month to plant perennials and then sit back and watch as their colors rule your landscapes throughout the summer.

Why do we love planting perennials?

• Perennials bloom for weeks and lasts for years

• Perennials have different bloom times to give you color all summer long

• Perennials are great pollinators for beneficial insects, birds and butterflies

• Unlike annuals, which have a shorter growing season, perennials come back year after year

Some of our favorite varieties include: Coneflowers, Tall Phlox, Coreopis, Allium, and Lavender.

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