Our best tips for planting daffodils!

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  • Daffodils

Nothing says spring like the bright yellow bloom of daffodils! Seeing these flowers in landscapes, gardens and along walkways in early spring is like a warm sunny welcome sign at your home.

Daffodils are dependable perennials you can count on to come back year and after year. Better yet, they are deer and gopher resistant! If you have lost bulbs to these woodland creatures in the past, you won’t have to worry about them being devoured.

Daffodils are cold hardy and don’t rely on summer water to thrive. Dry year? No worries! They will still be back bright and sunny come spring.

Here are some great tips and good info to make these fool proof daffodils even easier!

Light – Daffodils like sunny or semi- shaded areas. Plant in areas where they will receive at least 3 hours of sunlight

Soil – Moist, well drained soil. If compacted, be sure to loosen and break up with a garden rake and use Earl May Structure soil conditioner for best results.

Planting – Plant bulbs with pointed edge facing up, approximately 4-5” into soil. Daffodils will do best when spaced 2 bulbs width apart. Work bulb food into the soil around the bulbs.

Daffodils bloom for several weeks depending on the varieties and weather conditions. Being some of the earliest plants to bloom in the landscape, they are always a welcome sight after a long winter!

Want more information?  Download our pamphlet on Spring Blooming Bulbs or watch our video on How to Plant Fall Bulbs.  Have questions?  Feel free to ask us or see your local Earl May for answers!