4 Quick Tips for Poinsettia Care

2020-04-14T16:26:16-05:00Holiday Season|
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Nothing says, “The Holidays are here,” than seeing the poinsettias arrive at your local Earl May! There are some quick and easy things you can do to keep your poinsettia looking its best throughout the holiday seasons. Enjoy the festive feel of these beautiful plants as you spend time with family and friends.

  1. Lots of light!

Poinsettias love light and full daylight is best. Keep near a window as dim light or darkness will shorten the flowering life.


  1. Check the water!

Water thoroughly when the surface of the soil is dry. Discard any water that is left in the collection saucer. Some plants may need to be watered everyday depending on room conditions, so check daily.


  1. Watch the temperature.

They will do best at 60℉ with high humidity. Ideal temps should never exceed 72℉ in the daytime. Temperatures above 75℉ with low humidity are detrimental to the poinsettia plants. Avoid hot or dry air, drafts or sudden change.


  1. Use blooms as fresh cut flowers!

Extend the enjoyment of your plant and use to decorate in other areas. Place 6” to 8” long stems in boiling water* for 1 to 2 minutes, then place into to cold water. Make your final cut in the area of the stem just treated and you are ready to add the blooms to any fresh arrangement or vase.


*The boiling water keeps the latex in the stem from hardening which blocks the stem from taking in water.


DID YOU KNOW….you don’t have to discard your plant once it blooms? IF you are up to the challenge view here the process and care needed to allow the plant to rest and bloom again!