Got Pothos?

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Want to add some houseplants to your home, but don’t feel like you have a green thumb? Pothos plants are perfect for you! We love this hardy indoor plant, and here are the top 4 reasons you will too!

  1. Best for beginners – Pothos do not require a lot of special care and they like medium to high light, but will grow in most conditions. They prefer moist (not wet) soil and can withstand a missed watering. These plants actually do well when their soil is allowed to completely dry out between watering.
  1. Very versatile –Find the right color, shape and size to create the look you want with one of many varieties of pothos. Place on a shelf, table or hang it up high. These trailing stems can be draped across windows and archways or can climb up a plant stake.
  1. Long lasting – Pothos are hardy and resilient to change, making them one of the longest lasting, most reliable houseplants. They can take the stress of changing locations and re-potting without any problem. When cared for properly, Pothos can typically live 10+ years.
  1. Good for you – Not only do Pothos purify the air by absorbing carbon monoxide and releasing oxygen, they can also boost mood and concentration, making them the perfect plant for home or office.

For general care tips, check out 5 Essentials for Growing Healthy Houseplants.


  1. Claire Smith March 2, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Richmond. Thanks for your comment. We have since updated the photo to feature the marble queen variety of pothos.

  2. Richmond Pearson February 28, 2020 at 11:20 am

    Of the 3 pots shown, I agree that 2 of them have Pothos, but isn’t the pot on the left full of Philodendron cordatum, Heartleaf Philodendron?

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