Pruning Your Houseplants to Improve Growth

  • Pruning Houseplants

Pruning or pinching are methods used from time to time to remove unwanted or new growth to improve the growth habits and appearance of a plant. Pruning is cutting out unwanted growth; this is usually done with a sharp knife, razor blade or pruning shears. Pinching is the removal of the tips of a stem just above the leaf joint. New sprouts will begin to appear. It stimulates the plant growth and in many cases gives it more fullness. In this manner, you can shape many plants.

Always cut away dead leaves; they are good media for disease and an open invitation for trouble. If a healthy leaf develops a brown tip, give it a manicure! Trim the end with sharp scissors, following the shape of the leaf.

Keep leaves clean by wiping them occasionally with a damp sponge and plain water. Dust and dirt can clog “pores” and that’s not good for a plant.

Don’t use water on plants with spiny or furry leaves; remove dust with a soft brush.