Quick and Easy Grass and Lawn Repair

2020-04-14T16:26:12-05:00Lawn Care|
  • lawn damaged by snow plow

From the ruts left behind by vehicles, or the damage created from snow removal – winter can be hard on lawns. If your lawn is like most, it has bare spots that need to be fixed. Now is the time for lawn repair you need.

The solution? Earl May Lawn Repair Kit. This kit is a special blend of seed, mulch and fertilizer designed to give you back your green, healthy lawn!

Repairing is quick and easy:

  1. Use a garden rake to rough up the soil in ruts and bare spots
  2. Add extra top soil where needed
  3. Sow the amount of seed as recommend on the product label
  4. Water as needed

Use the Earl May Lawn Repair Kit and soon you will see those unsightly spots disappear and beautiful green grass reappear – guaranteed!

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