3 Expert Tips on Feeding your Flowers

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Flowering annuals impact how our landscapes, patios, decks and entryways look. Get the most color out of annuals by using the correct fertilizer. Annuals are heavy feeders. Producing a lot of flowers requires watering more frequently, and providing extra nutrients needed. They should be fed several times throughout the season.

Proper Fertilizer Ratio

Using common fertilizers encourages new growth of leaves, but not fruits or flowers. Encouraging blooms requires a balanced ratio of nutrients. Why? When looking at fertilizers, most have an incorrect ratio of nutrients needed to produce buds and flowers.  The Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels should be equal or close to equal. A 20-20-20 or similar analysis is ideal. Phosphorus helps plants convert other nutrients into usable energy, which helps them grow.Nutri-Gro

Best Fertilizer Option

What kind of fertilizer gives your hanging baskets and other annuals the food they need? Earl May’s Nutri-Gro is a water soluble plant food that helps you get the most out of your flowering plants. This professional 20-20-20 formula has an added “micro-pac” of essential trace minerals blended in to ensure better plant health and more blooms. These micro-nutrients are added in much smaller amounts in common fertilizers on the market.

For the healthiest and most colorful plants, feed with Earl May Nutri-Gro Plant food throughout the season. Click to learn more about Healthier Plants and Blooms.

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