Reliable Shrubs To Replace A Winter Damaged Landscape

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  • Gold Mound Spirea Shrub Solution
  • Barberry Shrub Solution

Reliable Shrub Solutions To Replace A Winter Damaged Landscape

If you are like many here in the Midwest your landscape may have trees and shrubs that didn’t leaf out this spring.  This last winter and early spring took a toll on many items.  A relatively dry winter followed by a cold spring can provide a recipe that challenges even established plants.  We have reliable shrub solutions you can use immediately for instant impact and never look like you’ve had a problem!

Examples of winter damaged shrubs and trees

shrub solutions-winter-injury tree not leafing out boxwood shrub solutions winter injury2 shrub solutions-rose-not-leafing-out

The plants we recommend below are super winter-hardy.  We love these selections because of their durability in the Midwest landscape where our winters can be harsh and summers can add heat stress.

Boxwood – Chicagoland, Baby Gem, Green Velvet
Barberry – Admiration
Spirea – dwarf types such as Goldmound, Big Bang, and Little Princess
Ninebark – Amber Jubliee

Sun-tolerant Hydrangea For Any Space:
White – Bobo & Little Quickfire (small spaces), Limelight (medium to large spaces)
White changing to Pink – Strawberry Sundae (small spaces), Vanilla Strawberry, Firelight (medium to large spaces)
Chartreuse – Little Lime (medium spaces)

Vertical Screening or Accents
Buckthorn – Fineline
Burning Bush
Viburnum – Blue Muffin

Hardy Ornamental Grasses
Feather Reed – Karl Forester
Dwarf Fountain – Hamlen
Switch – Shenandoah Red
Switch – Northwind Blue

Hardy Shrub Roses
Easy Elegance Series
Drift Series

For more information regarding trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses – check out our Midwest Plant Library