4 Reasons We Love Succulents And You Should Too

  • Succulents with White Rocks
  • Succulent in Pot
  • Succulent Next to Rock

Have you noticed?  Succulents are everywhere!  We are seeing them used as popular interior design elements and also for unique feature plants in outdoor container gardens. No matter the style of decor…rustic, classic or modern…they are everywhere.  But why?

  1.  They require little care, making them the perfect houseplant for those with busy schedules…they originate from dry climates with high temps and low precipitation and have adapted by learning to store water. Although they need water, they can go for  extended periods of time without it.  In fact, if they set in water for too long their roots will rot and the plant will eventually die.
  2.  The variety of shapes, sizes and colors are endless…leafy and delicate…chunky and oval…bright and bold…soft and subtle…it’s easy to find one (or 50) to fit any style. Succulent leaves are usually thick and smooth to the touch, however some species do have spikes.
  3. Interesting when used as a stand alone plant, placing a combination of succulents together can make for striking display….for a natural display, we suggest using simple containers such as glass, wood or stone to plant your succulents in. For a more contemporary look, try a high gloss or matte finish container in white, black or metals.
  4. They can be propagated…in other words, it’s easy to make new succulents from other ones.

 What are you waiting for?  Start growing yours succulents today!