This spring, I am looking to apply pre-emergent, lay grass seed, fertilize and apply Earth Right Soil Conditioner (for heavy clay soil). What order should this be done and when?

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Thank you for the question, Lonnie.

Here are the steps you should follow:
1.  Prepare the soil – can be done at anytime
a.  Incorporate Structure Soil Conditioner into the soil- this is recommended for heavy clay soil.
b. Spray with Earth Right Super Stuff
2.  Sow the seed as soon as the ground temperature reaches 55 degrees.  You can seed anytime, but it will not germinate until the ground temp reaches 55 degrees.
a.  Use a quality seed such as Earl May’s Marvel Grass Seed
3.  You will want to use a special crabgrass preventer for seeding.  Our brand is called Green View Seed Starter Fertilizer plus Crabgrass Preventer.  This has both the pre-emergent and fertilizer
a.  This product only lasts 30 days so timing is critical.  Apply just before crabgrass begins around April 15-20.
b.  Do not use a Crabgrass Preventer not meant for seeding as it cannot decipher between the grass seed and crabgrass
4.  You can apply Lawn Food after the second mowing

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