• Monitor your lawn for signs of disease and treat as soon as a problem is noticed.  Powdery Mildew and Leaf Spot are common lawn diseases in May. Mow frequently to avoid letting your grass get too tall. 
  •  If you haven't applied Earl May Weed & Feed there is still time. Apply when there is a dew on the lawn and no rain in the forecast for a day or two.  This application needs to be 30 days from your last application of fertilizer.
  • Spot spray broadleaf weeds with Earl May Super Brush & Weed Killer.
  • Mow bluegrass and tall fescue lawns at a 3 inch height.


Edible Gardening:

  • Frost free planting dates vary widely from year to year.  In general, by the first of May most tender plants can be planted in Kansas and Missouri.  In Iowa and Nebraska the frost free date generally occursthe first week or two of May.
  • Plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs and other transplants this month after the danger of frost.
  • Sow garden seed, like sweet corn, cucumbers, beans, squash and herbs.



  • Plant annual flowers & perennial in your landscape and containers after the danger of frost.
  • Amend planting beds with Earl May Organic Planting Mix.  Your plants will root better, fill in faster and perform better for years to come. Use Organic Planting Mix when planting trees, shrubs, evergreens, roses and anything else directly in the ground.
  • Use Earl May Plant Start Root Stimulant when planting.  Plant Start is designed to promote early and strong root development, which means healthier, greener plants with more fruit and flowers.  Plant Start contains the same rooting hormone used by professional growers.
  • If you did not do so in April, apply a fresh layer of mulch around your flower beds.


Trees & Shrubs:

  • Plant new trees & shrubs.  Use Earl May Plant Start to promote early and strong root development.
  • Fertilize existing trees & shrubs with a timed-released granular fertilizer.



  • Feed niger thistle seed and sunflower chips to attract godfinches and other small songbirds. 
  • Be sure to clean out any uneaten food from the feeders if they were not cleaned after last season.


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