The Top 5 “Must Have” Flowering Shrubs

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  • Rhodes shrubs blooming outside house

Varying bloom times with flowering shrubs adds depth and drama to your landscape. Design a great look of bountiful blooms to enjoy season after season with these Earl May favorites:


Rhodes blooming outside house

Rhodos for short.  This is a super bloomer has large leaves and contrasting big, beautiful blooms, some varieties are as large as softballs. Whites, pinks, purples, and reds, choose the color perfect for your space. Most Rhododendrons like part sun, but some varieties will do well in full sun.  Blooms early spring.


Blooming Azalea Shrubs    Lemon Light azalea blooms - Shrubs

A fragrant favorite! Single and double bloom varieties. An evergreen shrub with blooms almost covering the entire plant. Pink, purple, white and orange blooms. Compact, mounding plant that works well for borders or accents. Part sun to shade for best results.  Blooms early spring.

Blooming pink spireaSpirea Shrubs

Densely branched with masses of flowers in May and June. Spirea are excellent shrubs to use for edging and borders. Striking spring and summer foliage with blooms in red, pink, or white.  Spirea leaves will have rich, rust fall foliage too! Full sun to part shade.  Blooms late spring or early summer.


Nothing smells more like spring than lilacs! Light pink and white to deep purple and magenta colored flowers. Use for screening, borders or choose a Korean dwarf for an awesome accent. Lilacs love the sun, so make sure they have lots of it!  Blooms mid to late spring.




Coral colored shrub rose

Easy Elegance® shrub roses. Incredible color and easy care. These are NOT your grandma’s roses. No need to prune, cut back, or cover these roses for the winter. Choose from beautiful corals, reds, pinks, purples and shades of white – better yet, one of each! Small and compact making them great for borders or mass planting. Repeat blooms throughout late spring and summer.