Ask any Turf specialist and they will tell you that Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Why? Because after a long stressful summer your lawn needs a recharge so it can fill back in and get set for the winter ahead.

By fertilizing in the fall, you are also improving the health of your soil which will have lasting impacts the following spring when your lawn will be the greenest on the block! It’s important to use a quality fertilizer though. Many discount brands of fertilizer have been cheapened with quick release fertilizer that can actually cause more damage to a lawn than if they weren’t used at all. Rest assured that anything you buy from Earl May will be the best option for your lawn. Why? High quality Fertilizer that releases slowly over time making your lawn stay greener longer and extra nutrients needed in Midwest lawns to improve the health of the soil- helping your lawn stay full lush and green!  Apply Earl May Lawn Food in September which will help lawns fill in from summer stress. Then apply Earl May Fall lawn food in October or early November to winterize your lawn and get it set for the following year.