Seeing is Believing!

2020-05-11T09:22:55-05:00Lawn Care|
  • lawn divided by fence showing treated and untreated for weed

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so there’s not much more to say when looking at this photo of one of our customer’s lawns after applying our Superfine Weed and Feed. The customer was skeptical after seeing the sign in our store stating, “highest rated weed and feed in turf trials”, but now he’s a firm believer and wanted to share his amazing results.

What makes Weed and Feed so special?

Dissolve and Destroy Weeds!

Earl May Weed and Feed contains Dissolve herbicide, a highly effective three-way post emergent herbicide that produces superior control. These are the highest quality active ingredients available to homeowners, and will control over 200 types of weeds!

Why “Superfine”?

Finely formulated particles are designed to immediately stick to weeds’ leaves after application ensuring better control.

Perfect Pair

The combination of superior control with long lasting timed release fertilizer creates the fantastic results you see in this photograph. One application will feed for up to 3 months while also providing nutrients that will help feed your lawn’s soil.

Now is the time to apply Earl May Weed and Feed!

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