Beware of Cheap Mulch: 4 Things To Know Before Your Next Mulch Purchase

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How Box Stores Are Cutting Corners At Your Expense –

Many discounters promote mulch at what appears to be bargain prices. While these offers look great and may be hard to resist, there are several things you should know before purchasing.

  1.  Loose Labeling Laws: 

    Regulations regarding how mulch is labelled for content are very weak. Many suppliers and retailers take advantage of this to “fool customers” into believing that everything inside the bag is actually what it says on the outside. For Example: A bag claiming to be “Cypress Mulch” may actually only have a small amount of actual Cypress wood in the bag, with the rest of the bag containing a combination of much less desirable woods. The bag only needs to have some product in it to be sold as Cypress mulch. These cheaper woods will break down quickly in the landscape, providing no real value at that point.

  1.  “Hardwood” Mulch Claims:  

    Many mulch products will claim to be made from “Hardwoods”. In reality, most discount mulch products contain a majority of softer woods.

  1. Less Actual Color in the Bag:   

    Another way suppliers and unwitting discount stores cut costs is by offering colored mulch with less wood colorant in the bag. Many products have as much as 25% less colorant in the bag compared to the better quality alternatives. Customers using this mulch will notice their color not lasting as long and needing to replace it more frequently. While it may still be brown or red, it will not be near as vibrant after a few months or even weeks….

  1. Watch the Size:  

    Like so many other items, the size of mulch bags being offered has started to get smaller recently. Most of the time the change is not noticeable at first, but when it comes time to use it, it will not go near as far. Be sure to check bag sizes before purchasing mulch…we’re also starting to see this on bags of Topsoil now as well.

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